(Art) The Imaginary Critters of Alexander Ostrowski

I enjoy the creature art of Alexander Ostrowski because he approaches his subjects similar to how I approach my novels, by imbuing the fantastic with a heavy dose of realism such that you can easily believe such things might actually exist.

In one sense, you could say that is the purest form of escapism: a fantasy you can almost believe because it borders reality. But there is something more here than the simplistic imaginings of a children’s cartoon or even the juvenile extravagance of a comic book. Although none of these creatures are real, they reveal in reflection the magic of what is by holding a mirror up to what could be.

Ostrowski’s subjects are both fantastical and mundane and range from griffons and basilisks (and a variety of tiny dragons) to speculations about the shape of alien life. He is putting together a book which is worth checking out. As always, find more by the artist here.