(Art) Science Crimes in Progress

The Zero Signal, the first Science Crimes Division mystery, officially releases today in paperback and digital.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“The imaginative worldbuilding, the complex characters and the sheer scope that’s both shown and at time hinted at, reveal a world that both breathtaking and scary.” -Goodreads review

“Given that a lot of cyberpunk tropes have long become reality, the question is where to go next. This provides a convincing answer.” -Amazon review

“The dialogue between the characters is something special. Each conversation not only advances the plot but also opens a window into the characters themselves. The natural way characters interact with each other, even in the more fantastic scenes, is just very believable and it’s really easy to become attached to them.” -Goodreads review

“This is a phenomenal sci-fi mystery that really got me thinking. I also quite like the premise – what happens when the power of science is accessible to the average person.” -Amazon review

“Loved the attention to detail!”-Goodreads review

“I’ll be reading the next book in the Science Crimes series, for sure.” -Goodreads review

To celebrate, here is a gallery of related art, some of which inspired parts of the story. Others were found later and collected for their similarity. (Comment for the name of any of the artists.)

Get the book here.