Davetopia’s Review of The Zero Signal

Dave makes some really fantastic observations (and you can tell he’s a writer).

“Nio is an engaging and apposite protagonist. A product of a massive genetic experiment, she embodies both the potential for exceeding “normal” human limits and the dislocation being created “special” can bring. While not something readers are likely to have experienced, her situation is eminently easy to empathise with and her reactions to challenges as realistic as the scientific foundation.”

Get it here: https://rickwayne.com/zero-signal


Front cover of The Zero Signal by Rick WaynePart biopunk thriller, part speculation on post-industrial social advance, this novel will appeal both to fans of fast-paced gritty action and thought-provoking futurism.

In a possible future, advances in gene manipulation allow people to edit their own bodies as easily as we hack technology, leading to a thriving mod community. Most modders are good intentioned, if not always technically skilled, but some have darker motives. Arrested while chasing a psychopath who turns their victims’ bodies against themselves, Nio is looking at a long time in prison; however, when her world-famous brother inexplicably dies on stage, the FBI offer her limited freedom in exchange for her assistance. The terms of her parole are strict and she genuinely wants to solve her brother’s death, but how can she let a criminal no one else even realises exists act without opposition?

This review is based on an advanced copy of the novel. As…

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