(Art) The Dark Subconscious of Alessandro Sicioldr

For fans of Hieronymous Bosch… Alessandro Sicioldr’s work adopts a similar style and many of the same motifs: the egg, the cave, the pregnant Madonna, the beaked ghoul. But where Bosch’s phantasms were spiritual, Sicioldr’s are entirely mental/metaphysical. Superficially dreamlike, they are instead maps to the place from which dreams emanate. They are also a symbolists paradise: the mirror, the well, the sphinx, the moon, the thread, the homunculus all have classical but fluid meanings.

Hailing from a country with a deep and patent past, Sicioldr knows we can’t escape it and doesn’t try. His paintings are rooted in tradition, not just his adoption of Bosch but also for example his use of the bald figure, which is immediately representative of medieval art. (Middle and upper class women often practiced depilation in the Middle Ages and were usually depicted bald or with unnaturally bare foreheads.) At the same time his themes are decidedly postmodern: confusion, anomie, loss, self-reference. Indeed, many of his figures are turned back toward the viewer, staring blankly, as if waiting for a response.

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