(Art) The Anime Gameworlds of Cosimo Galluzzi

Cosimo Galluzzi 2

With their bright colors and otherworldly subjects, the digital creations of game artist and illustrator Cosimo Galluzzi are clearly inspired by Moebius and Studio Ghibli (remarkably similar for being from completely different cultures). With its simplicity of line, his work deliberately invokes the classic era of 16-bit gaming: crystal warriors with glowing blood and wizards with floating heads. In fact, Cosimo also makes quite a bit of pixel art.

It was precisely because his work invoked so many popular entertainment references that I hired Cosimo to do the cover to my first novel, FANTASMAGORIA, which was a reflection on entertainment taken to the extreme — a synthetic gaming planet is abandoned and turns feral.

Find more by the artist on his website.

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Fantasmagoria_04 Richard Zane