(Update) Women With Swords V

Siwoo Kim - warrior woman

I started this collection several years ago because I wanted to highlight fantastic art with female characters outside the traditional sexualized roles of foe and prize: vile hag and sexy vixen.

To be clear, I don’t think those roles are “problematic” in and of themselves. As I point out each time, it’s not like Conan, with his bulging fur codpiece, is any more armored than Red Sonja, and while Superman’s skintight costume omits the boob window, it certainly leaves little to the imagination.

The issue with female characters was always the lack of an alternative. They were only those two things.

No longer, it seems. This kind of art has become so commonplace that, thankfully, there is no longer anything special about it, and I am closing the collection with this installment, which even includes several minority women.