(Art) The Clockwork Fantasies of Dean Morrissey

Dean Morrissey Time Telescope

The self-trained Morrissey began his professional career in the late 70s with three covers for Dragon magazine. In 1986, he started to receive regular assignments to paint book covers. His covers for Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois’s anthology Sorcerers! (1986) and John Morressy’s five-volume Kedrigern series introduced a recurring figure in his work, the elderly wizard with a large white beard.

Morrissey’s paintings are distinguished by the extraordinary detail, which he achieves in part by painting on unusually large canvases.

In 1994, Morrissey released a children’s book, Ship of Dreams, to widespread acclaim, which persuaded him to specialize in that genre. He has since produced four sequels to Ship of Dreams as well as other titles, and now focuses on selling his original paintings and limited-edition prints. His work has won four Chesley Awards. [Adapted from The Science Fiction Encyclopedia]