(Art) The Twilight Forests of Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies Stars Number 8 (2014)

“Forests have been shaped by human processes over thousands of years and include ancient woodlands, timber forestry, wildlife reserves, and protected areas. As such, the forest represents the confluence of nature, culture, and human activity. Forests are potent symbols in folklore, fairy tale, and myth — places of enchantment and magic as well as of danger and mystery. In more recent history, they have come to be associated with the psychology of the unconscious.

Our understanding of landscape can be seen as a construction in which layers of meaning that reflect our own cultural preoccupations and anxieties obscure the reality of the land, veiling it, and transforming the natural world into an idealisation.

Through a variety of temporary and non-invasive interventions in the forest, my work places the viewer in the gap between reality and fantasy, creating spaces which encourage the viewer to re-evaluate the way in which their own relationship with the landscape is formed, the extent to which it is a product of cultural heritage or personal experience.”