In the Pavilion of the Red Clown by Robert Williams

I had a dream based on the painting “In the Pavilion of the Red Clown” by Robert Williams.

I was in a demented circus pitched in a field. There was no sense that there was anything outside the circus, which was peopled by both performers and visitors, although the visitors never left.

The circus was ruled by the clowns, each of whom held dominion over some territory. (There was a Ringmaster, but he was a mere puppet.) The most powerful were the Red Clown and the Yellow Clown, both of whom were bloodthirsty and vicious.

I never saw the remaining Blue and Green Clowns, but I had the sense that their territories were much smaller, and that they were more capricious than vicious.

I had bartered with the Red Clown, which was considered quite dangerous. In return for completing some task, which appeared innocent but which I knew was not, the Red Clown had promised to give me something I desperately wanted.

That’s all I remember.