(Art) Sexploitation!

teenage doll poster

A sexploitation film is a class of independently produced, low-budget feature film that is generally associated with the 1960s, although related films go back to 1910s and 20s:

Although not explicitly pornographic, sexploitation films filled the same role as porn, which is why they declined precipitously in the 1970s amid the rise of the hardcore movie industry.

Prior to that, sexploitation films avoided common bans on pornography in the US and abroad by posing as documentaries, or what today we might call docudramas. The first and easiest was to “document” nudist camps, which the Supreme Court ruled was fundamentally educational in nature.

After the Supreme Court ruled again in 1969 that the Swedish film I Am Curious (Yellow) was not obscene because of its “educational context,” the late 1960s and early 1970s saw a number of sexploitation films produced following this same format. These were widely referred to as “white coaters,” because, in these films, a doctor dressed in a white coat would give an introduction to the graphic content that followed, qualifying the film as “educational.” [Wikipedia]

Although not formally considered sexploitation films, pulp films of the same era tackled similar themes of teenage sex, infidelity, drugs, and violence, particularly to women, although their saucier content had to be merely implied, and of course no nudity was allowed.

These films weren’t simply hopelessly chauvinistic. Many actually indulged overt violence to women — in the interests of public safety, of course.

Not to mention racism.



And sheer creepiness bordering on outright pedophilia.

Oh wait, all those things are still around.

Here is a large gallery.