(Art) The Sc-fi Illustration of Atomcyber

electric dragon, dark water by atomcyber

The climactic finale of THE MINUS FACTION features, among other things, a miniature nuclear explosion, a superhuman battle royale, a kaiju brawl, a tidal wave, and an army of zombie-cyborgs (wherein two members of the team debate the difference between a zombie-cyborg and a cyborg-zombie).

I actually didn’t write it to be campy, just fun. I achieved that — if I did — by starting small, where there is not too much terribly fantastic about Episode One, and then gradually building from there. (If I failed anywhere, it’s that the final battle goes on a bit long, as is often the case in movies of the same genre. Now I know why.)

I also laid the groundwork from the start. The experimental nanotech supposedly capable of regenerating damaged nerves, which is merely mentioned as a possibility in the first episode, is the same tech that, when perverted, creates the zombie-cyborgs in the last episode. The nanites consume the flesh of the recently dead, using it as raw material for internal machine parts that animate them again, sometimes merging multiple bodies into one.

Recently, I came across this image by atomcyber and of course immediately thought of the book. Great stuff.


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