(Art) Meanwhile, in Russia…

The Atlantic’s Photos of the Week are a perpetually shocking reminder to me that it’s a great big world after all, and not just a human one, and that the nightly dramas being played on our televisions, real or imagined, are only one tent of the circus.

Consider following. They come out every Friday.

Russia Explosion
In this photo taken on Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, a family watches explosions at a military ammunition depot near the city of Achinsk in eastern Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk region, in Achinsk, Russia. Russian officials say powerful explosions at a military depot in Siberia left 12 people injured and one missing and forced over 16,500 people to leave their homes. (AP Photo/Dmitry Dub)
Aspendos Antique Theatre in Turkey's Antalya
ANTALYA, TURKEY – AUGUST 6: Tourists take photos at antique theatre of Aspendos, built by the Romans in 160-180 A.D, in Serik district of Antalya, Turkey on August 6, 2019. Aspendos, which is among the examples of the best designed Roman theaters, is one of the best-preserved ancient amphitheater and is still used for concerts and festivals. (Photo by Orhan Cicek/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
'Dinosaur's Zoo' Hits Edinburgh For Fringe
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – AUGUST 06: Freya Smith aged three, leads one of Erth’s giant dinosaur puppets across the road on August 6, 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Australian theatre company Erth presents their best-selling show Dinosaur’s Zoo as part of Underbelly’s Fringe programme. Featuring giant dinosaur puppets which walk, roar and blink like the real thing, Dinosaur’s Zoo is a perfect example of edutainment for children of all ages, taking place at the McEwan Hall every day of the Fringe at 11am. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
TOPSHOT – Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha (C) and officials salute a portrait of Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn during his 67th birthday celebrations in Bangkok on July 28, 2019. (Photo by Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP) (Photo credit should read LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP/Getty Images)
Violence Continues During Anti-Extradition Protests In Hong Kong
HONG KONG, CHINA – JULY 27: A woman shouts at police officers as they advance towards protesters in the district of Yuen Long on July 27, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. Pro-democracy protesters have continued weekly rallies on the streets of Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill since 9 June as the city plunged into crisis after waves of demonstrations and several violent clashes. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam apologized for introducing the bill and recently declared it “dead”, however protesters have continued to draw large crowds with demands for Lam’s resignation and completely withdraw the bill. (Photo by Laurel Chor/Getty Images)
The alpine village of Hallstatt glows at dusk on the banks of Hallstaettersee lake in Hallstatt
The alpine village of Hallstatt glows at dusk on the banks of Hallstaettersee lake in Hallstatt, Austria July 27, 2019. REUTERS/Lisi Niesner – RC12E6BDD220
Rain Room Art Installation Preview
The art installation “Rain Room” by Random International is seen in the Jackalope Pavilion on August 8, 2019, in Melbourne, Australia. The installation is a 100-square-meter field of continuous rainfall, and is a responsive environment—millions of water droplets respond to one’s presence by ceasing to fall wherever movement is detected, allowing visitors to be fully immersed in the rain while simultaneously protected from it. Daniel Pockett / Getty
Milagros Carretero, 47, coordinating geologist for the giant geode of Pilar de Jaravia, sits inside the geode on August 2, 2019. The enormous geode is located in a lead mine near the town of Pulpí, Spain. It measures more than 8 meters across and is listed as the largest in Europe and the second-largest in the world. Jorge Guerrero / AFP / Getty
A member of the Ivorian Special Forces chants in a parade during celebrations marking the 59th anniversary of Ivory Coast’s independence from France, on August 7, 2019, in Abidjan. Sia Kambou / AFP / Getty
Rubber ducks float down the Chicago River during the 14th Annual Ducky Derby in Chicago, Illinois, on August 8, 2018. The charity event helps to raise money for Special Olympics Illinois. Kamil Krzaczynski / AFP / Getty
Members of the Kyrgyz special forces block a street during clashes near Kyrgyzstan’s former presidential residence, between his supporters and law enforcement, in the village of Koy-Tash, 20 kilometers from Bishkek, on August 8, 2019. Kyrgyzstan’s former president was detained in a major security operation on August 8, 2019, police said, a day after clashes between his supporters and law enforcement left one dead and dozens injured. The Central Asian state, which has seen two revolutions in less than two decades, was on the brink of crisis amid a standoff between ex-leader Almazbek Atambayev and his protege-turned-foe President Sooronbai Jeenbekov. Vyacheslav Oseledko / AFP / Getty
Chinese Welcome The Start Of Autumn
A child eats a piece of watermelon to mark Liqiu, the Start of Autumn, at a watermelon-eating contest in Hangzhou, China, on August 7, 2019. VCG via Getty
Metering devices are seen in the central control room of the decommissioned Ignalina nuclear power station in Visaginas
Metering devices are photographed in the central control room of the decommissioned Ignalina nuclear power station in Visaginas, Lithuania, on July 24, 2019. Ints Kalnins / Reuters
A man tries to catch locusts while standing on a rooftop as they swarm over the Houthi rebel-held Yemeni capital of Sanaa on July 28, 2019. Mohammed Huwais / AFP / Getty
A family has dinner at the Kazenoy yacht club on a foggy evening in Chechnya’s Vedeno district on July 24, 2019.
APTOPIX Kazakhstan Russia Space Station
A Soyuz-FG rocket booster, with a Soyuz MS-13 spaceship carrying a new crew to the International Space Station, blasts off at the Russian-leased Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on July 20, 2019. The rocket carried the U.S. astronaut Andrew Morgan, the Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, and the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano.
Boat market in Bangladesh
Hundreds of wooden boats are lined up for sale at a boat market near Dhaka, Bangladesh, on July 24, 2019.
Jember Fashion Carnival 2019
A model of Gondanglegi performs during the Indonesia Wonderful Archipelago Carnival, as part of the 18th Jember Fashion Carnival 2019, in Jember, Indonesia, on August 3, 2019. The Jember Fashion Carnival theme this year is is “Tribal Grandeur” and consists of eight parades which include Aztec, Hudoq, Karen, Minahasa, Zulu, Mongolian, Viking, and Polynesian influences. Robertus Pudyanto / Getty
The Guatemalan migrant Lety Perez embraces her son Anthony while pleading with a member of the Mexican National Guard to let them pass and cross into the United States, as seen from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, on July 22, 2019.
A deer feeds in a western Canadian canola field that is in full bloom before it will be harvested later this summer in rural Alberta
A deer feeds in a western-Canada canola field that is in full bloom, before the harvest later this summer, in rural Alberta, Canada, on July 23, 2019. Todd Korol / Reuters