Character & Setting Inspiration

Robin Isely2

When, in my artistic travels, I come across an image that inspires a potent setting or intriguing character, I save it in a separate file. While those files don’t grow at the rate they used to, there are now about 900 images in each, which ought to last me for a while — especially at the rate I produce books!

Since I was doing the work of collecting them anyway, I thought for a time that I could provide them as a sort of free service. I even set up separate social media accounts for that purpose. Alas, curating and maintaining a constant drip-feed of content turned into a non-trivial amount of work and I stopped. Instead, you get them all at once, fire-hose-style.

(The following images are of course the property of their respective creators. Crediting them all, as I usually do, would be a bit of a burden in this case. If anyone would like to know the author of a particular work, ask me in the comments — or try an image search.)

Here are the inspirational character images I’ve collected so far this year.


And the settings.