(Art) Jaw-dropping Otherscapes by Inka Essenhigh

“It looks like fantasy art because it comes out of my head. I rarely go and look at what anything actually looks like.”

Interview with the artist at the Smithsonian American Art Museum:


Inka Essenhigh tumblr_pap3b2ce2u1qz9v0to6_640Inka Essenhigh tumblr_pap3b2ce2u1qz9v0to7_1280Inka Essenhigh tumblr_pap3b2ce2u1qz9v0to4_1280Inka Essenhigh tumblr_pap3b2ce2u1qz9v0to8_1280Inka Essenhigh tumblr_pap3b2ce2u1qz9v0to9_640Inka Essenhigh