(Art) Depictions of the Cosmos

Depictions of the universe, variously considered. List of figures:

Hilma af Klint (circa 1920)
THe world according to Hildegard von Bingen (12th cent.)
Cosmolux by Paul Laffoley (1981)
Sphaera Coelestis Mystica (1739) plate 7 by Johann Georg Hagelgans
Figure from History, Observations and Interpretations of the Big Bang Theory (20th cent.)
l’Image du Monde by Gautier du Metz (1245)
Pollen Boy on the Sun. Navajo sand painting
Eternal Energy by Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn (early 20th cent.)
Sacred Geometry by Carl Jung
Cosmological Mandala with Mount Meru. China. Yuan Dynasty (circa 1300)
Classical depiction of Yggdrasil and the Norse firmament
Sheppard’s Geographical and Astronomical Clock (circa 1840)
Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer (1785)
Go Yayanagi (circa 1970s)
Lokapurusha (Cosmic Man), Rajasthan (circa 19th cent.)