The Minus Faction Omnibus is finally here!

What the fr@^k is a ‘soft launch’ anyway?

Research into purchasing behavior confirms my personal experience that in a market filled with many alternatives, readers tend to choose books with a demonstrated readership over those without. And since they don’t have a perfect window into that, they use the number of reviews as a proxy measure. Not so much the aggregate star rating, mind you — the raw number of reviews other people bothered to leave.

A ‘soft launch’ makes a new book available to the author’s network — especially existing fans — at a steeply discounted price in order to encourage reviews ahead of the ‘hard launch,’ which is usually a marketing campaign aimed at new readers. I need around 20-30 to make that worthwhile.

In short… this omnibus edition ain’t gonna stay 99 cents for long, which means two things:

1) If you’ve already left a review on one of the individual episodes, or if you were contemplating it, please port it to the new edition as soon as you can. Also, please purchase the book first. It’s not that I need that 35-cent royalty. It’s that Amazon sort reviews by “verified purchases,” which is actually a great way to combat fake reviews. (In fact, that’s the only reason it’s on such a steep sale.)

2) If you haven’t read the book, get it soon. After the soft launch, it goes back to $8.99.

(Paperback is on it’s way. I hope to approve the proof this week.)

The Minus Faction - eBook smallCapt. John Regent returns a paraplegic after months of captivity and torture—only no one knows who took him or how he escaped.

Xana Jace strives only to be reunited with her son. She keeps her head down and stays out of trouble, which isn’t easy when you stand seven feet eight inches tall.

Ian Tendo’s sensible life has fallen apart. After losing his girlfriend and being arrested for terrorism, he doesn’t imagine things could get any worse—until he’s beset by an eleven-year-old prodigy with a foul mouth and an ambulance full of high explosives.

One by one, all four are recruited by an enigmatic mastermind, known only as Prophet, who offers them everything they want in exchange for the impossible.

But team is a four-letter word.

After a botched mission reveals a plot to hack the human race, they discover a betrayal by one of their own—and realize that not all of them will survive.

THE MINUS FACTION is a super-powered speculative thriller about extraordinary abilities and how not to use them. Collected here for the first time in its entirety, this special omnibus edition includes all seven episodes as well as bonus material not previously available.