Birthday Sale – My Entire Catalog is 99 Cents (or less)!

It’s my birthday this week, but you all get the gift. I’ve discounted my entire catalog. All of my books are either 99 cents or free.

I’m going to keep this going only until it runs out of steam, so jump while you can!

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A unique brand of justice, morality, and heroism.
Gripping, immersive, entertaining.

An enigmatic mastermind assembles four people with exceptional talents and offers them everything they want in exchange for the impossible—but with the promise that not all of them will survive.

THE MINUS FACTION is a cliffhanging near-future serial about extraordinary abilities and how not to use them. Each of the six novella-length episodes tells a complete story while unraveling the relentless global conspiracy threatening to hack the human race.

Crackles with energy and promise. –Daniel Swensen, author of ORISON

Singular characters, strong voices, believable moral dilemmas, adventure, brutality, beauty, and action.”  -LJ Cohen, author of DERELICT

The big powerful storm clouds before a thunder-storm


Brief, violent, and unpredictable, yet thrilling to be in the middle of.” – goodreads reviewer

A scoundrel with a secret seeks the key to escaping the end of the world. An exiled gunslinger, waiting to die, is called back for one more job. A radioactive man is sold into service as an assassin by a mysterious cult. As their stories intertwine, all three are caught between rival mobs, an invincible killer, and a plot to upset an uneasy peace between once-warring nations. While far above the planet, a phantasmal apocalypse looms.

Dinosaurs. Robots. Cannibal fairies. A brain in a vat. A giant squid. Nazi Amazons. Super-soldiers. A war dragon. An assassin cult. Unicorns. Wereninjas. Animal-human hybrids. And a kaiju god of destruction. The battle for the fate of the world starts with a betrayal in a cemetery . . . and a stray phallus.

Equal parts mutant crime noir and sci-fantasy adventure, FANTASMAGORIA is my twisting, turning, genre-bending debut.

“The butt-kicking starts right on page one and just keeps on going at a relentless pace until the end.” – amazon reviewer

“You will not say ‘I’ve read 10 books with this same plot’… I guarantee it.” – audible reviewer