New Release! Episode Three of The Minus Faction

The third episode of my “superheroes for adults” serial novel THE MINUS FACTION is available now at most online retailers and at

A modern, no nonsense take on superhumans.” -amazon reviewer

THE MINUS FACTION is a serial novel about extraordinary abilities and how not to use them. In Episode Three . . . After losing his girlfriend and his job, Ian Tendo’s sensible life has fallen apart. When he’s arrested by the FBI, he doesn’t imagine things could get any worse.
That is, until dark forces recruit him to be an agent of terror. Forced to commit horrible acts in secret, Ian knows death is close — either at their hand or his own.
But unexpected help comes in the form of an eleven-year-old prodigy. Wanted by the police and pursued by a living nightmare, the pair’s only hope is a mysterious organization known as the Minus Faction.

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