New Release! Episode Two of The Minus Faction

The second episode of my “superheroes for adults” serial novel THE MINUS FACTION is available now at most online retailers and at

A modern, no nonsense take on superhumans.” -amazon reviewer

THE MINUS FACTION is a serial novel about extraordinary abilities and how not to use them. In Episode Two . . . Xana Jace keeps her head down, which isn’t easy when you stand seven feet eight inches tall. She works the night shift and stays out of trouble, striving only to be reunited with her son.
But she’s running out of time. The strange disease that compels her body to grow also threatens to choke her heart.
When a masked gangster terrorizes the small community that shelters her, Xana is left with a terrible choice and just twenty-four hours to discover the truth that everything she believes is a lie.
The pacing is perfection.” -goodreads reviewer
The writing is intense and vivid… I’m once again thoroughly intrigued.” – amazon reviewer

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